Form Submission Details Workflow Email Bug Fix
Released 2024-05-29
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Sitemap Reset, CRM Relationship Import/Export, and UI Improvements
Released 2024-05-27
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Filter and Search Options for Database Item Exports
Released 2024-05-17
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Enhanced Event and Venue Management Plus Discounts
Released 2024-04-26
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New Fields, Tabs and Webhooks for CRM
Released 2024-04-25
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The bug impacting workflow emails for Form Submission Details has been successfully addressed. Files uploaded within the form will now be accurately displayed in the notification email, accompanied by a download link for easy access.

Bug Fix
  • Fix generated workflow email content Form Submission Details

New Features
  • Sitemap Reset Button: Reset your sitemap configurations effortlessly.
  • Improved Import/Export Relationships: Streamline relationship management with enhanced import/export capabilities.
Breaking Changes
  • Enhanced Sitemap Functionality: Sitemap will now exclusively include pages with sitemap enabled.
  • Refined Naming Conventions
    • Renamed "database_name" to "source_name" for clarity.
    • Transitioned from "list_enabled" to "is_list_layout_enabled."
    • Changed "details_enabled" to "is_details_layout_enabled" for coherence.
  • Updated Default Sitemap Code: Enhanced default code for better performance.
  • Email Design Overhaul: Enjoy refined email layouts.
  • UI Enhancements: Experience a smoother and more intuitive user interface.

Managing your database items is easier and more efficient than ever before. With these new features, you can precisely tailor your exports to include only the data you need, saving you time and streamlining your workflow. Whether you're sorting through extensive datasets or seeking specific information, our enhanced export capabilities empower you to extract the insights you require effortlessly.

New Feature
  • Export database items settings

Advanced filters, enhanced search, and customizable columns for Events and Venues, plus a new API endpoint for discount codes, streamlined ticket import process, and improved UI/UX.

New Features
  • Advanced Filters are now available when viewing Events
  • Ability to Search Events across various fields
  • Ability to set the columns of data you would like to display on Events
  • Advanced Filters are now available when viewing Venues
  • Ability to Search Venues across various fields
  • Ability to set the columns of data you would like to display on Venues
  • Added API Endpoint to get a discount by its 'Code'
  • Updated the Import Tickets process and error logging
  • General UI and UX improvements

We are excited to introduce a suite of enhanced CRM features designed to streamline your workflow and provide deeper insights. These updates include new contact and company fields such as Lead Source, Nationality, Stripe ID, and Owner Contact/Company. Additionally, we have added Orders, Events, and System Info tabs to the Contacts section, along with advanced search capabilities, customizable columns, and a Relationships tab for both contacts and companies. These enhancements enable more efficient data management and real-time automation through CRM webhooks.

New Features
  • CRM Webhooks - integrate your applications and automate processes with real-time data exchange triggered by specific events
  • New Contact field "Lead Source"
  • New Contact field "Nationality"
  • New Contact field "Prefix"
  • New Contact field "Stripe ID"
  • New Contact field "Owner Contact" and "Owner Company"
  • Orders tab in Contacts
  • Events tab in Contacts
  • System Info tab in Contacts
  • New Company field "Lead Source"
  • New Company field "Stripe ID"
  • New Company field "Owner Contact" and "Owner Company"
  • Orders tab in Contacts
  • System Info tab in Contacts
  • Advanced Search, Filters and Customisable Columns
  • Relationships tab in CRM Contacts and Companies
Breaking Changes
  • Updated Sitemap
  • Update database_name to source_name
  • Update list_enabled to is_list_layout_enabled
  • Sitemap will only include pages with sitemap enabled
  • To add page sitemap, you can add metadata is_sitemap_enabled: "true" or enabled it through IIA